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PDF editor for Linux?


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Does anyone know of a good PDF editor for Linux?
I have searched several times and tried LibreOffice draw but cannot find one which will do what I want.
I have a template of an invoice which I created and fill in the information and print out. Currently I use a program by Tracker Software called PDF-XChange which is a Windows only program. It allows me to enter text in a 'typewriter' mode and fill in lines of text. Like a 'Form fill' :)
I don't want to edit pictures, drawings, or graphics, just text.
Happy to pay for a program which will work well and do what I need.
It just annoys me to no end that I have to fire up my Windows box in order to fill out my invoices.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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have you tried Adobe Acrobat for Linux ?



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have you tried Adobe Acrobat for Linux ?

Thanks for the suggestion. It has been many, many years since I last used Adobe Acrobat and I had completely forgotten about it! It also did not show up in any of my searches for a Linux PDF editor.
I will check it out. Perhaps it will do what I need :)
I am concerned about the version and any security vulnerabilities though. From the article:
Since Adobe no longer supports Linux, you won’t be able to install the latest Adobe Reader in Linux. The last available build is version 9.5.5.

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