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Jan 6, 2022
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I mainly use Fedora and now Debian and I'm creating a new desktop for my parents. I've introduced them to Linux before and they were ok with using it but I have since provided them with a laptop that was Windows. Since they are familiar with Linux and now, only need things that I know work well on Linux (everything they need is via web), I'm building them a Linux desktop. They live out of state so going over and giving them access to their computer again and resetting their password is out of the question.

Option 1.
What I want to do is write a script that they can click from the login screen that will reset their password to a predetermined password but I don't know if it's possible to put something like that on the login and lock screen. That way, when they call me, I can tell them what that original password. They would log in with that password and it would require them to change it.
echo "changeme" | passwd --stdin mom -e
I would need one link for Mom and one link for Dad.

Option 2.
The alternative is setting up google authenticator login for my account only. Have them login as me and run the script on the desktop which would:

echo "changeme" | passwd --stdin mom -e # resets mom's password
systemctl restart gdm # Logs me out

I'd set one for Mom and one for Pop.

Option 3.
Or I'd set everyone up with Google Authenticator login. I'd prefer the first option.


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Apr 30, 2017
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G'day ITSMGuy, Welcome to

Whether your options are feasible/doable ....I will leave to others to comment on...(well above my paygrade)

Is there any joy to be had from simply allowing their pc's to log in with no password ?......are there any security issues there that would render this not possible/advisable

I may be misinterpreting your post...if I have ....apologies.
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