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Old Acer Aspire 3000



Complete Linux newbie is trying to find a version of linux to run on an old Acer Aspire 3000 notebook. At a Linux user group I was given Mint Mate 17, but there are some problems with the display, and it won't recognize the Broadcom wireless. However, a copy of Knoppix seems to work OK. Does anyone out there have the same computer, and if so what do you use?



I don't have the some computer but...

1) I see that it has SiS video. That gave me problems for a while until I used LXLE http://lxle.net/

2) It is common to have to install firmware video and/or wifi - they are commonly NOT automatically recognized. Sometimes with wifi you have to temporarily connect via cable, download the driver and then reboot. What is the outcome when you put into a Terminal of:
lspci |grep Network
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