Odd dual boot issue - Win 10 and Kubuntu


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I have win 10 installed on disk 1 and Kubuntu installed on disk 2. Grub is installed on disk 2 as I did not want to change the windows bootloader.

PC is set up to boot directly into windows (older PC, legacy bios). I have been trialling Kubuntu for a couple of weeks and to launch it I manually load it from the bios boot drive selector on start up (mashing F11). When I select disk 2, the Grub menu loads without issue and I select Kubuntu which starts fine.

I wanted to add Kubuntu to the windows bootloader so I used Easybcd to add a Kubuntu entry (pointing at disk 2). Appeared to work fine.

On a restart, the windows bootloader gave me the two options as expected. Windows booted fine. Selecting Kubuntu however, throws me to a grub4dos screen with a blinking cursor and there it stays.

Any ideas why I do not have an issue loading Grub when I direct select disk 2 to boot but it won't load from the windows bootloader?



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Where does the Windows boot loader point to? grub4dos is not a Kubuntu thing.

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