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Aug 14, 2020
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I tried installing Linux 20. I tried both the Mate and Cinnamon versions. I use the laptop connected to a DVD player for speakers and a projector with an HDMI cable. The speakers are connected with a headphone jack connection. Previous versions of Linux and Windows were fine. As soon as I installed each version of Linux 20, when I plugged in the headphone cable, the sound stopped. I could have spent hours perusing forums in the hope of finding a solution that would fix it. However, I did the far easier thing and reverted to Linux 19. I assume the HDMI connection is why the headphone input no longer worked. Just because I have an HDMI cable connected to the projector, does not mean I want to listen to the poor sound from the projector. If developers continue with this programming flaw, my days with Linux are numbered.
Here's feedback: If I plug in headphones or a headphone cable to connect speakers, I want to have sound travel down that wire. This must always be the case. I don't care how many people switch to bluetooth. Let's not be like Apple and force everyone to change their hardware. Sorry if this harsh. I was really pissed off. I spent several hours with this. I now have a pretty nice, updated Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia. I will eschew installing 20 again unless this is resolved.

Give this a test drive on a usb thumb drive and see if it works with your system.

In the meantime if Linux Mint 19 is working for you than stick with a sure thing as Linux Mint 19 is supported until 2023.

Thanks. I'll have a look. I noticed that Mint 19 is supported until 2023 as well. Hopefully version 21 doesn't have the audio issue. I'll use 19 for a while. If they keep doing that to the sound, It'll be worth spending more and getting a Mac when the times comes.
It'll be worth spending more and getting a Mac when the times comes.
Before you throw down cash on a Mac test drive other Linux distros.

Unfortunately newer versions of Linux don't always support certain hardware and some laptops can sometimes be problematic with the newer Linux Kernel.

Most problems sometimes do get worked out with new point releases although no guarantee.

Don't give up on Linux as there are many different Linux distros to choose from.

Sometimes you have to create bootable media and test drive a few to find one that is compatible on the computer you use.

A small price to pay for what you get in return.
That's very true. So next time, perhaps I should download and run a version before going all the way and installing it. I hope someone will be able to explain why the headphone jack was muting and if programmers will find out about it and resolve the issue. If you think about it, headphones muting when you plug them in is absurd. Hopefully it's resolved either soon or by the time version 21 comes out.

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