new zorin won't let me change home page

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Jan 31, 2020
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just installed the latest zorin. Very unhappy with it, lost ALL of my freakin' bookmarks, years' worth of work even though I tried to save everything (because I am too computer illiterate to know how to save my firefox bookmarks). Now trying to at least get the home page on firefox to change to something else ("startpage"), but it won't let the change happen.

I dont know much about bookmarks...I never use them

However...the easiest way to save all that type of stuff is to activate a Firefox Account....and then start 'Sync" in Firefox.
By doing that you can 'Sync' all the bookmark info and addons etc etc to another another pc/laptop/phone etc etc

Open any firefox page, and click on the hamburger menu icon in the top right hand corner......three parallel horizontal lines.

Click on 'Options"

On the left hand side of that opening page click on Sync

Open a Firefox account if you dont already have one

Remember the password you will need it sooner rather than later

You will need to verify the email address you on a link in the email they send you.

etc etc....just follow the on the items you wish to "sync"....obviously including bookmarks.

Again click on the hamburger menu icon.....and then options.

Click on 'Home' on left hand side

Under "homepage and New windows, select custom URL's

Type in or copy and paste the url of the page you want to open each time you open Firefox

There is no need to 'save' anything.....Just close that page completely, then open firefox again and your new homepage should be there. You can add more than one homepage.....just separate the url's with a | ,,,located just above the enter key on your keyboard.

I have 5 like a dream. It does depends a bit on the power etc of your pc as to whether it will open that many without drama/slowness.

Let me know how you get on
Sorry to hear you lost all of your bookmarks.
I'd be looking for a way to save them when you get some time.

To set any pages that you want in your browser just open a few tabs and go to the web pages you want. Than open the Firefox Menu and go to Preferences > General > Home and click on set current pages.

Here's a screenshot to help you-

Thank you folks so much! Sorry to unload my frustrations here earlier. The bookmarks are gone forever, and I'll just have to try to rebuild from scratch. The info you folks gave here will help me in the future, and did help me to set the homepage properly. Your help is highly appreciated!
Dealing with frustration is the norm around here...we all experience it.

Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question.......only a question you don't know the answer to.
I am finding that the new version of zorin is really slowing up my puter and making it do weird stuff, but I guess I will have to learn to live with it. And there are plenty of questions that I will probably never get or understand the answer to! :)
Nice one, @Alexzee :)

Also shown in the author's vid but not mentioned is that you can Export the bookmarks to an .html file, and then at the receiving end, Import the html file.

Same result.

there are a lot of things that I don't understand about computers, probably never will. I understand cut, copy, paste...but import, export, iso, burn instead of just copy, why a program won't just run if it is copied instead of etched/burned/whatever, those are way over my head. I'm just a simple fish farmer. :)
interesting article! I knew that at some point I might have to learn to use the command line to get the most out of my linux, thought I was ready and willing, yet have resisted and failed to do so. Also knew there would be other differences, which I gladly accepted. I just have this thing about "backward compatibility" or being able to keep features that I really like just the way I like them when upgrades come along, being given the choice. That doesn't always work, whether with windows or linux, but that doesn't mean we don't all still try to keep things the same when those particular things work better for our particular situation.
I'm doing aquaponics, and am raising catfish (only 3 survived my early ineptitude), goldfish, and tilapia. It's an awesome learning experience.
Posted this in the other thread too. I took everything off of my desktop and put it onto the flash drive that I was going to etch the new os onto, plenty of room. Now it is all gone. My whole life's work. Everything.
@heretical_1 maybe too late now, but what did you actually do?

Did you drag and drop icons from your desktop onto a USB stick, or what?

Have you ever used GParted before, it has a partition recovery utility but I do not use it, myself.

Did you get as far as burning a LInux .iso using Etcher, onto the USB stick.

You've got to explain MUCH more, we are flying blind here.

BTW if you are US-based, you are doing this way too late at night, to be fresh.
good morning. Yes, I was very stressed and up late last night. I think we may have chatted about this in another thread after you posted this and I didn't see this until now.
ah, it was Tolkem I talked to. Now that it is too late, I know that one cannot have anything else on a usb stick other than what is to be burned. Info is lost forever now. I'm screwed in that respect. At least that is my understanding, that the info cannot be recovered from the usb stick.
A belated welcome from the old geezer.
Seems like the best way we learn anything is by making the mistakes that others have made before us.
I'm 85 years old {as if that makes any difference} and still make some bad gaffs.
However, once I get the lesson over with, I continue on with a better understanding of how I screwed up and how not to do it again.
Hopefully my memory stays in good shape so I can remember where I screwed up. Age seems to dim the memory faculty sometimes.
Anyhow, welcome.
Old Geezer
Don't I know it. At 55, I learn more slowly and have to continually go over the things I have learned in the past to make sure I understand them fully. Take my time, don't get into a hurry, and think ahead so I don't lose my valuable info.
I remember when I was 55! Now I have a son who is 58 and another who is 52. Yikes!
I also have a brother who is 83 and has mid-stage Alzheimers, and living in a nursing home.
I have been blessed with most of my faculties still - except for the hearing part.
I have been trying to learn what I can about the terminal commands, but as you are experiencing, the info does not want to stick around without a lot of repetition.
One day at a time is my 'New Motto'.
Your comment 'don't get into a hurry, and think ahead' reminds me of a snippet I read one time in connection with driving a car:
"Why do the young folks drive so fast, like they don't have much time left? Hey, it's us old folks who ought to do the fast driving, because we know we don't have much time left."
Enough of this philosophizing from an OG
Old Geezer
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