New pinxi/inxi -G/Graphics Upgrade - Testers!

LOL, don't talk to me about Mint stuff, I spent a long time trying to get them to stop shipping ancient inxi's, but it didn't help, so I finally gave up, if they don't want to help their users or grab a package from Unit193 repo, there's nothing I can do to help them. Mint was one of the bigger helps during the 2.3 > 2.9 > 3.0 development process, but once they stuck on that ancient inxi, I honestly don't even look at their debugger data sets anymore because they are largely useless to me, being completely obsolete.

I tried to get them to ship current inxi for a long time, but in the end, I have better things to do than to try to pull teeth from chickens, or whatever metaphor is appropriate, and I'd rather spend my time more productively. But I did really like their community, they were very helpful, but seem currently to be stuck ni a time warp of some type.

Since my main interest is inxi development, the distros I pay most attention to are the distros that ship current or near current inxi, it's a pragmatic choice I have to make since my time isn't infinite, nor my desire to spend it non productively.

But Mint is currently the worst major distro offender in this regard, but that's how it goes, I find distros come and go in terms of their willingness to help with inxi stuff, and sadly, that willingness doesn't seem to have any particular connection or relation to how much inxi is used by them for support.

This is why I'm now going to relax development and enter a more reactive mode, where I respond to valid issue and feature requests (though inxi has so much new stuff now that most people aren't even aware of, and certainly aren't using, them). There's other things I want to do than full time inxi development. Much as I kind of like doing inxi, it's not top of my list of ways I want to spend/use my free time.

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