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Thanks everyone for the help I received while browsing the forums when faced with the ugly Realtek Wifi issue (now resolved). Thought I would register as new member, to help where I can - total newbie, but learning gradually!

So, I'm in the UK, ran Windows 10 on Lenovo Ideapad, found it a tad slow, so installed Linux Mint 19.3, much faster now (after I luckily fixed the Realtek problems) and I am delighted with it now.

Enjoy photography, playing piano (badly), walking, motorcycling, eating, drinking - and all the things wild 70 year old men do. Take each day at a time, and hope for the best.

Again, thanks for the advice on the forums!

70 Tango Charlie

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Hi there youngster! and welcome.
I love this site, as I have learned a whole bunch of interesting things and met a whole bunch of wonderful, intelligent, helpful, fun to interact with {I'm running out of praise} people.
Old Geezer - turned 85 in November of 2019. { guess that gives me the right to call you a youngster. LOL} :cool:
Tango Charlie