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Need Suggestion for Which Linux to Install

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by raweller, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. raweller

    raweller Guest

    I have an old HP Pavilion Desk top running Windows 98, that I no longer use.
    I would like to learn Linux, so I need a good suggestion for which one would be best.
    I need a one that will run best on my old Windows 98 machine but is also a good one for a newbie like myself.
    Removing the old Windows 98 off the machine is fine, I no longer use or need it.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

  2. OldSmoky2

    OldSmoky2 Guest

    Linux Mint is very easy for beginners, and you can download and run the Live version before installing it just to see how everything works. There are others you may want to check out that way, too, that should be easy to get used to. Mageia is one, PC Linux is another. Ubuntu is worth looking at, too, although the new Unity interface will be very different from what you are used to in Windows. Check out Distrowatch.com, where you can click on the individual pages for lots of distros and see some links to reviews for each one. Have fun!
  3. raweller

    raweller Guest

    Ok Good!
    Now if I start with Linux Mint can I switch to one of the others later on?
    When I learn enough from Linux Mint... Or Does it even matter at that point?
  4. OldSmoky2

    OldSmoky2 Guest

    Yes, you will see that you can switch around to your heart's delight. An easy thing to do as well, rather than downloading and burning all those distros to CDs or USB drives, is to check out one of the multi-didtro Live CDs included in any one of several popular Linux magazines, though they'll cost you $15-$20 each. Still, you get to check out distros fairly easily that way.
  5. raweller

    raweller Guest

    I'll check them out!
  6. nixter57

    nixter57 Guest

    Hi..I have basically have the "SAME" machine as YOU have..and it runs not only windows 98 but also Puppy Linux ("Wary") and "AntiX" They BOTH run "LIVE" from CD and can be installed as well !! These provide a very "familiar" interface and are EASY to use and LEARN from since you can run them "LIVE" before even thinking about installing (which isn't really necessary) on your hard drive!! Anyway..GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN !! :cool:(nixter57/NickV.):cool:
  7. raweller

    raweller Guest

    Where is the best place to download these?
  8. coolestguy

    coolestguy Guest

    hey every one i have windows 7 and i want ti switch to linux and am a beginner i dont know anything about windows i need help pls
  9. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

  10. icyfight

    icyfight Guest

    i have win7 and ubuntu. if you want to view the win7 partitions, just mount them.
  11. sahabcse

    sahabcse Guest

    try ubuntu
  12. badboy

    badboy Guest

  13. hugh

    hugh Guest

    To really /learn/ Linux...

    ... You might give Linux From Scratch (LFS) a try or, if that's more than you really want to learn, Arch Linux. (I tried to post this a couple of days ago with links, but discovered later that, as a newbie here, I'm forbidden from including any links in my posts.) :mad:

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