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My pc was keylogged?

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by ljepilo, May 25, 2012.

  1. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    Today I'm checking up my email (gmail) ,and I saw something strange inside the folder "sent messages". There was a bunch of messages sent to " [email protected] " . I'm starting to suspect that my pc was keylogged. My anti virus doesn't reports anything. What should I do ? :( :( :(

  2. Famous

    Famous Guest

    First, you've got a good base of malware/spyware programs there. Also get superantispyware.

    Install SAS, then reboot in Safe Mode by pressing F8 during the initial splash screen. Once in Safe Mode, choose with Networking.

    Now, update SAS. MBAM, BD, SB and run each of them.
  3. GGGuardian

    GGGuardian Guest

    I would find a new Anti-virus like Kaspersky and run a full system scan before you get logged on some really important information.
  4. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    I can't really use Kaspersky, it slows down my connection totally. Why is it like that ??? :( Same thing happens with avira :S
  5. keylogger

    keylogger Guest

    That's really bad if you can't install or used Kaspersky anti virus . I think you should use another anti virus that didn't slow down your pc
  6. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    Avast does the job :)!
  7. boyce

    boyce Guest

    There is antivirus Bitdefender that protect your computer from keylogger that installed in your computer.it provide full protection from internet viruses.
  8. Bill

    Bill Guest

    After cleaning your computer, don't forget to change all of your passwords.
  9. Kerms

    Kerms Guest

    I doubt it's your own pc that had a keylogger on it. (However it is possible)

    I don't like logging into stuff while I'm using public box as Windows has a very high chance it has some form of virus at any time, so I carry around a bootstick all the time (I advise against doing this; it can get you banned from things).

    Make sure you use passwords that are XKCD Certified (link). Those are impossible to brute force.
  10. diegosuse

    diegosuse Guest


    Best in class for linux. Avast it is not a good idea. Works very bad in my opinion
  11. linbgs

    linbgs Guest

    How do you know if your PC is key logged?
    This is really the first I've ever heard of such a thing.
  12. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    If you read my first message you wouldn't post such stupid things like asking that question. No offense but I think you didn't even read my first post ,you just posted for sake of posting!

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