Moving a file from another system on the same drive?


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Apr 9, 2023
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can there be a designation with getting from <~> any of the rest directories when moving a file to </home> from another primary system?
For example some official website indicates how to save a file to a Linux primary system e.g. <~/.local/> and so on,
but when the file is moved from another primary system to a Linux sub-system the link is lost from <~> to the rest of directories, which is consonant with capturing <home/user> at failure and not registering the rest of the paths, which in turn is consonant with <list-ls> when queried on <home/user-pwd> that it will not list anything other than the terminal's designation. Also <list-ls> when queried against <..> at <home/user-pwd> will show </user> alone.
So, there should be some sequence other than <~/.> for the path to link <~> with next directory selected? So as to employ effectively the <move-mv> command?

(hopefully this description is not deviating from making the question in point)

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