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Jun 24, 2023
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Howdy all and good afternoon. Is there a good message programme for Mint. I will need to converse with folks that have bookyface messager, the fools, ha ha . Either installed or online would be good. NO whatsapp crap. As you know it is owned by bergyzuck. I despise him as much as Gates. Thanks all for any incoming assistence.

I use caprine to keep in touch with the family, its Like FB chat without the crap
I found i needed FB with that so no go but thanks anyhow.
Unfortunately if your contacts are only on FB you do not have an option, 20 yrs ago we had a plethora of messaging apps that would connect to FB, Apple,Skype [when it was independent] and many others, but they changed their programming so you can only make contact through an approved application, my favourite use to be pigeon