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May 20, 2024
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Hello, I have two questions. I don't have much experience with ubuntu or linux. The problem I am having is extremely long boot times, over 2 minutes. I have grub version 2.04 is that the right version for ubuntu 20.04.4? The reason I ask is because I had ubuntu on my PC from a few years back. I never removed grub, I just switched to use windows boot manager instead. I just reinstalled ubuntu tonight and it now I am having slow boot times. I read some where that running systemd-analyze can help debug problems. Can anyone help me figure what's going on? Thanks!

From the man page of systemd-analyze:
systemd-analyze blame
This command prints a list of all running units, ordered by the time they took to initialize. This information may be used to optimize boot-up times.
You can open a terminal to run the command:
systemd-analyze blame
If you paste back here the first 20 or so lines of the output, readers may be able make some helpful suggestions.
The boot time is long in Linux because it preparing an awesome OS, 2 minutes are acceptable
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My Tower runs Mint Cinnamon 21.1 on an SSD...from the time I press the start button to the Login screen is 22 seconds...from typing my password to the Desktop is 10 seconds.

I've never had slow Boot times...maybe use an SSD or look at this...

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