Linux Resources (Distributions, Desktop Environments, etc..)



We've added a resources section to the site and have started adding various items. You can find this from the top of any page on the site.

So far we have:
  • Linux Distributions
  • Desktop Environments
  • Shells
  • Text Editors

We'd like you, the users, to add to these resources if you see one that is not on the list. We'd especially like to see project maintainers of the various resources take ownership of them (we can assign owners) and update/modify them as they see fit.

If you are a project maintainer on a Linux resource, please PM me here on the site and I'll help you list your project.

We'll be adding more resource categories in the future - reply to this thread if you have a good category in mind!



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How about some kind of hardware support resource? Like known working hardware, known issues and fixes?
virtualization - Xen etc ..
Firewall - Iptables etc ..
Webserver - Apache etc ..

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