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Aug 5, 2022
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Hello all! I am very excited today because I have just installed Linux Mint Cinnamon on an Asus C423N Chromebook. I have completely erased chromeos and it automatically boots to Linux Mint. Everything works. Sound works, keyboard works, everything is perfect. Even got bluetooth to connect to my wireless headphones! Since this is my first post on this site, do you have any beginner advice for me? Thanks and have a good day.

Welcome to the Forum.

All I can say excellent choice...I've been using Mint Cinnamon for a few years and love it. :)

Mint is very user friendly...stable and doesn't break. My advice is sit back and enjoy the Distro and the freedom...if you have any problems there are plenty of people on this Forum to help you.
Welcome to the forums, Young'en
Mint is a good beginners distribution as it has all you need to get started already loaded, it is one of the most popular and stable distributions, but like any of them it can occasionally throw a wobbly, don't worry we have enough users to advise you,
Hello @WizeGuy,
Welcome to the Forums. You picked a great Distro and all I can say is Enjoy the Journey! :)
We are here if you run into problems or need help.
Hi WiseGuy, great that you've got it all working. I've been debating whether to move my wife's chromebook over to Mint (it's the same model as yours), but have read that getting some bits to work has been an ongoing issue. Would you like to share how you did it?
First I enabled developer mode on the chromebook. Then I created a bootable usb with linux mint cinnamon on it. Then once on the sign in screen for chromeos, I pressed ctrl + alt f2 or ctrl + f2 then I enabled boot-to-USB. Then I did sudo reboot in the dev console. Then, on the "os verification is off" screen, I pressed ctrl + L and plugged in the flash drive. Then when it says "press esc for boot options" I pressed number 2 which was the flash drive and it booted into Linux Mint. It's very simple and easy to do.

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