Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.2 WiFi Problem SOLVED

You could purchase a USB WiFi dongle that works with Linux and it should work out of the box.
TP-Link I think is most popular with Linux.

This is what I am doing but this is pity for kernel. Specially when chip was supported normally bfr. Anyway.

Hey guys does anybody know what this in screenshot means?View attachment 12940
looking at this error code in the red block it is not building due to it's age but it looks like the universe repo there is an older version which is still building

dkms status
What is the output? If it shows some type of output like backport-iwlwifi, 8324, 5.4.0-110-generic, x86_64: installed then run
sudo apt install --reinstall backport-iwlwifi-dkms=8324-0ubuntu1
it is a work-around for failing to build - after it is finished reboot - does WiFi work
sorry for the late response
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So in the message it said that the build exclusive directive which does not match this kernel was the give away that the driver was old?