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Linux Mint and military smart card???? Help please.


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Hey everybody, I'm super new to the Linux community. I'm not super computer-savvy just as a heads up. I just downloaded Linux Mint Cinnamon onto a Lenova T420 that I resurrected, kind of proud of myself, and now I would like to figure out how to upload all of my certificates and make my T420 military friendly. I have been to militarycac.org but they are sparce on their Linux advice. Do any of you guys have some resources or a guide on how to do this? Super appreciate your help.


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Hello drberrydds,

Welcome to Linux.org forums.

In my experience with logging into some but not all government and or city or state department websites Windows OSs seem to be the only thing that worked / works.

I believe this has to do with their website certificates to their websites or that's what their IT guys have told me.

In my experience very few have allowed access using Linux which is why I keep a working Windows 10 computer active.
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