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linux equivalent of server 2000?

Discussion in 'Laptops / Netbooks' started by MrGrey, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. MrGrey

    MrGrey Guest

    I was given a pre war [lol] laptop. It has a actiontec moden card in it, 2x 64MB ram and 2 unknown cpu's but I bet they are 1ghz each. It had win-server 2000 installed on it. I was thinking on dropping kali on it because it has a floppy and a cdrom drive and a bunch of added ports for peripherals including an option for a docking station, but, with only 128mb ram I'm not sure kali would even run on it. It's an Inspirion 5000e.
    I was given it free without the ide hdd.

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  2. arochester

    arochester Guest

    Use it as a door-stop?
    Kali will not run on it.
    Most versions of Linux will not run on it.
    You will need an ultra-light distro, but beware, you cannot go loading heavyweight apps on a light distro without making the whole thing heavy.
    Something like "Tiny Core Linux" might work. The "Core Plus" version? http://tinycorelinux.net/
    Look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightweight_Linux_distribution and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_distributions_that_run_from_RAM
    I can't help thinking you need to ask yourself "Am I a masochist or not?"
  3. Crippled

    Crippled Guest

    I was given it free without the ide hdd.[/QUOT[/QUOTE]
    MX-16 Linux 32bit should work but expect that laptop to run slow. https://mxlinux.org/

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