Linux Deepin

Jul 17, 2019
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Hello I want to buy Linux Deepin in USB but when I entered the download page I didn't find it and also I didn't find it in the link where I can buy it

Be aware that deepin runs well on "high end machines"

: Summing up, Deepin is a great Linux distribution that boots fast, looks really amazing and unique (something never seen in a Linux OS before), and uses a stable Ubuntu base that runs well only on high-end machines.

read the system requirements.

Be aware that deepin runs well on "high end machines"

High End? "Recommended system requirements include an Intel Pentium IV 2GHz processor or better, at least 1GB of RAM (2 GB recommended for best performance), at least 10 GB of free disk space, a modern video graphics card from Intel, AMD or Nvidia, an AC97, Sound Blaster or HDA sound card, and a CD/DVD-ROM devices or USB port."

I'd hate to see what you consider low end. LOL
The Softpedia article that both our Members have referred to have both requirements and the codicil on "high end" in the same article.

The article was updated May 19 last, from who knows when.

I suspect the author forgot to delete the high end part.

Enjoy your Deepin, and welcome. :)

Chris Turner
@TechnoJunky ...I had the same reaction......however seeing Mahmoud has not told us just what he has running there, I decided it may be an idea to err on the side of caution. ;)
jerkin my chain ?