linux can't connect to wireless device


Jan 2, 2023
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i'm trying to connect to the internet

computer (which has linux os on it) is connected to the wireless device but the computer sees no internet

internet is working just fine on the wireless device (i bet you think i'm too stupid to verify this, but i wouldn't be able to post this if it weren't ;)

something is wrong and i have no idea where to begin (everything looks okie dokie in "advanced network configuration")

if you have any gui troubleshooting directions please lmk (i'm too stupid to do any terminal stuff)

btw. i connected to a different wireless device and it worked just fine.

this sucks! as usual i can't do the simplest things on linux
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(i'm too stupid to do any terminal stuff)
I doubt that, there is nothing to be afraid of using the terminal, the one I am going to ask you to run cannot damage anything as its not an administration instruction, just information.
Open the terminal type [or copy and paste] inxi -Nn then copy and paste the report back on here

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