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Hello family,

Need help with a few things. Linux Nub here.

Need - version that can run the following & instruction on finding/installing the following

1) Lightest version of linux
2) NIPS software
3) SSL encrypt/decrypt
4) install airvpn
5) Packet capture/analyzer
6) Firewall
7) network setup???

so basically and running VM on local crapHost. So i need lightest linux because crapHost is already slow as is.

Routing traffic according to CompTIA standards. So

Internet -> Host -> VMlinux -> Firewall -> SLLencrypt -> SSLdecrypt -> NIPS -> PacketCapSoftware ->DMZ - My VM/Network

So will need to know how to install all of these on linux because i am nubb. Also need to know how to setup network for internet last time i tried well i couldnt figure it out. I dont know all the codes so plz i am baby hold my hand.

i am running windows on localhost. I cant help but think it would be better to boot straight to virtual environment or flash host with linux. But I am scared. I am fairly good with computer and good at following directions. So lmk what you would do!

Host is Lenevo 4GB RAM i3 1TB HDD blah blah blah.

Thank you fam!!!


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In general, life is easier when you don't introduce complexities.

If you absolutely need both Windows and Linux, then dual boot, if you must. If you want to virtualize Linux on a Windows host OS, then do that, but unless you're running some enterprise system, you're just adding an unnecessary level of complexity - and failure.

Linux does networking natively.


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Best option in my opinion is FreeBSD. Learning curve from Linux is very low.

To use it as a routing/gateway refer to:

It is good for your needs:
  1. Lightest version of linux => not linux but low learning curve
  2. NIPS software =>
  3. SSL encrypt/decrypt => not sure what you mean, but can probably be done
  4. Install airvpn =>
  5. Packet capture/analyzer => tcpdump is available
  6. Firewall =>
  7. Network setup =>

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