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Dec 30, 2023
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I am using Toshiba T480s,
I have Secure Boot disabled in bios
UEFI enable in bios

I have SSD with windows 11.
i have installed Linux in same drive but in different partition.
But its not booting up, the bootup switches to Windows 11

My bios has UEFI\Legacy\Both option, no idea what should i put it into for linux boot up
In which mode i should install linux

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first, the nasty bit... UNLESS you are fully Linux experienced and terminal proficient, you should not even be trying to install Kali Linux, please go to the Kali documentation pages and read them ..https://www.kali.org/docs/introduction/should-i-use-kali-linux/

and now
Why Linux fails to load/install direct to HDD, common reasons
1] Corrupt download [check SHA sum]
2] bad burn to installation medium [try again] [if you used Rufus then try Balina-etcher]
3] Wind 8.2 and higher quick start/fast boot and/or secure boot not disabled [doesn't normally apply to older versions]
4] defective pen-drive/dvd
5] hardware fault,
5A] If old style HDD run integrity check
5B]if SATA SSD check for hidden partition at the beginning of drive [this will stop Grub from loading] and delete it before re-installing Linux
If M2.NVMe check, your system is NVMe compatible [not all older kit is]
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