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Fair go, Mate for someone seeking help, you are not doing a lot for your cause. :)

... in terms of spelling it out, I mean.

1. You are in General LInux, I will move you to Kali, subject to the following answers.

university of london assignment please help us
... which most would think to be in Britain, but I take it that is Western University in Ontario Canada, is that so?

how to create an encrypted message with AES using aescrypt2018.py
Does this have to be done in Kali? Or can it be written in Python in any LInux Distribution? If so, I can move you to a Scripting/Programming area here.

4. If no to the above, what about trying another Distro such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint? To get some experience with Linux.

5. You were asked

Ask your tutor?
What aids or means have you been provided with so far, at Uni?

Answer at least Questions 2. to 5, and we will see what we can do.

Also read my Post here, on Kali


BTW I am from Australia, so now out for my Thursday night.

G'day and welcome to linux.org :)

Chris Turner
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