Kali is packin on the pounds


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Jul 2, 2023
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I hate to say it, but Kali is getting bloated and heavy. I'm not sure what the devs are doing but this push for gnome is not something I'm thrilled about. They keep adding tools, alot of which are non-functioning, need repair or are a knock off version of something already installed. There are now so many files, spread out over so many directories about any given function or app tha it's just more efficient and easier to remove it and reinstall it. I've actually stared building my own distro or should I say taking the minimal netinstall debian 12 and have begun testing it out on a virtual box, even doing this level of a mod is no easy task so bulding one?? I'll pass. Bottom line, kali is now the the hot chick who got fat and is now trying to wear tight clothes to look good. I can't imagine opening my laptop in front of a customer and them seeing the cartoonish wannabe windows so bad it's pathetic desktop and imagine what they would think. Gnome looks like ad kids desktop. Sorry, just venting.

I use Kali in a live session and no probleme.
I always do a Debian minimal net install, add x11 and a lightweight Window manager (dwm is my WM of choice) and then add whatever extra software I need. That way I can avoid Gnome 3 and a lot of unwanted bloat.

Sure, the overall process takes longer than installing a normal distribution from live media. But it’s worth it in the long run. Rather than trying to install everything I’ll need in one go, I usually install the base OS and the software I use most often, so I can immediately get to work. Then gradually add extra bits as and when I need them over the following days/weeks/months.
There are plenty of other pen-testing builds, most are far easier to install than Kali,