issue with top menu (solved)


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dear all,
first of all, this is my first post so Hello to everybody ;)

this is my problem: I am running Debian 9 with Gnome 3.22.2, after a generic update on yesterday I found a bad issue, looks like the top menu is not working, or better the mouse click on top bar seems not working.
the same issue is on the close/expand icons that control the window of some applications, for instance firefox thunderbird terminal)
with other applications the icons are working (for instance Chromium or text editor)

to have a partially working top bar, at least to shut down the PC, I have to open the fullscreen applications menu moving the pointer on top/sx, then i can open the clock/calendar and open volume/network/battery/shutdown controls.

well, yes my explanation is not so clear, but that's it

it happens to someone other?
do you have any hint for me?

thankyou, bests


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