Is linux Mint Good for PHP/WordPress Development?

Dhaval Makwana

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Apr 24, 2020
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Hi, I am new here and want to install linux mint..

But i have some confusions to move into another os..

So i am a WordPress/PHP developer and want to know that this linux Mint is good for me or not?

I don't use mint but maybe can help you refine the questions.probably you will want to be using php7.2 + you could of course use something that has its own embedded PHP but that has its own constraints.looking up specs of latest mint should give you the approach to developing is another subject.for instance it's possible to do the groundwork for WordPress on your desktop using sqlite database instead of MySQL using PHP inbuilt dev server. My current approach for slackware is Apache with virtual should find lamp can be installed on all Debian derivative no problem

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