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Is Linux free?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Maye, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    Linux is free because the man who started it all is not a man who lived only to make money and more money. He's a man who believed that the best things in life can be free. This philosophy is what has kept Linux free and good all these years.

    There is no best flavor. It's more a question of what you want to do with Linux. If you just want something to surf the net, then I suggest using Puppy Linux.

    The distros you mentioned are variations of the same thing with different desktop environments. Some desktop environments have more features and, consequently, are also heavier, thus slower. Some desktop environments have just the barebone features, making them lighter and faster.
  2. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    It's probably cause Linus Torvalds was kind enough to produce an OS that was to be Open Source as well as a Free software. The reason why different Linux Distro's are free cause all of them run in the same pool, majority have the same applications and features. It's just how one wants them to perform.
  3. offspringftw

    offspringftw Guest

    Its completely free. They even ship you a CD to install it, without fee, if I remember correctly at least.

    While we're talking about Linux in general...How big is it, compared to the other Operating Systems but also compared to "value"?
  4. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    Hehehehe to kick the Windows proverbial butt! Free and soon we should see the www competition rolling around. Hopefully, this should stop all the CISPA garbage.
  5. linbgs

    linbgs Guest

    I'm actually really glad someone asked this question, because I didn't know either.
    Thanks for answering.
  6. ValerieAnne

    ValerieAnne Guest

    The basic version of linux is free - which I find is the only version really needed - but within the last few releases (that I've seen/used) there have been a DVD version as well. I saw that the DVD version is free, or paid. I think it depends on if you want to burn the DVD yourself or have it mailed too you.
  7. AnonaMoss

    AnonaMoss Guest

    Thanks. I was wondering the same thing and many of you have answered the question in great detail. You guys/gals are awesome.
  8. makentosh

    makentosh Guest

    Linux as what other said is an open-source software which means it can be downloaded, redistributed and the like. There might be some that you need to buy since it is packed with packages or other softwares that is not included in free version of the OS itself. But over-all Linux is free.
  9. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    I have used used linux OS for a few years now and I have been absolutely amazed by how this OS works. Its free ,and its probably the best OS ever made,much better than Windows OS !
  10. Famous

    Famous Guest

    Nearly all the Linux distributions in the world are free, meaning that they cost $0 to install and use on your computer.
  11. Melissa

    Melissa Guest

    Linux is free however I would suggest trying out their paid services. I'm new to Linux as well and using the free services I just can't see a point to it
  12. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I am not sure what you are implying. Many new users need a little help to get over their Windows brainwashing, but I don't think they should pay for it. There are way too many knowledgeable users who are more than happy to help with the small speed bump that is encountered during the transition.

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