Interesting Videos on 3D Animation Software


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Earlier today, I was watching LGR's review of Bryce 3D, which was a 3D modelling, animation, and rendering program from 1997. Although it's dated compared to the newest version of other programs like Blender (which I want to try out soon), I can still see what made it so appealing back then. What's even more interesting is some people in the comments were saying they used it as kids and now have serious careers in 3D animation. That review made me look up what animation program was used to create Beast Wars (a Transformers animated series from 1996), and according to this quick behind the scenes documentary,, they used Softimage, which was also available for Linux but is now discontinued. Most-likely due to budget constraints, the animation on that show was nowhere good as Toy Story's (which also came out in 96), but it was still a fun and memorable show my brother and I (and other Transformers fans) enjoyed back in the day.

Share some videos or artwork you've come across. If you've managed to make your own and want to share them, that's even cooler! :D
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I have some friends who do 3D sculpting and modeling and they are amazing at it! I love seeing their art! I dabble a bit in 3D sculpting but it's nothing special nor worth sharing. I wish I had some images of their projects on hand because it's truly amazing work! if I can get some onto my laptop I will!
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