install linux on external drive with imac 10.12.6 sierra

I have a one touch 75 gig external hard drive that I'm wanting to install linux on. Not even sure if it is possible but it would be cool if it is. I saw a post that talked about this already but they were running windows for their computer. I'm not looking for anything to complicated just want to be able to switch over to linux and play on occasion.
What version of linux is recommended for this?
sounds like I need a copy of linux on a cd or some other media to do this is that true?


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I would recommend manjaro with xfce, it's very user friendly and has steam pre-installed. You should download this image at manjaros' website, you have burn this image to a usb-drive or a DVD but usbs are faster.
4gb would be enough.
A tool to burn the image is for example Rufus.
But there are more of this tools like uui or etcher that will also work.
After this you have to plug it in and choose it in the boot menu, and your PC will boot from it.
Then you have to start the installation-runtime. You will maybe asked on which drive you want to install manjaro, choose the extern one.
Complete the setup.
Choose your extern drive to boot from a the next start.
thank you for the information.
other questions.
Once it is installed will I always have to reboot to switch os or can I just connect to the external drive and open a terminal for access?

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