Install Linux inside Windows 7



Hi, I once had Ubuntu installed inside my Windows 7 disk and I wanted to know if I can do that with every other distro. Can I install Slackware / Fedora / Mint inside my Windows 7 without moving any partition?
I currently have 23g of free space in my Windows 7 disk (c:) and 14g in unallocated disk.

Thanks a lot!

You probably installed Ubuntu with WUBI. WUBI is falling out of favour and even Ubuntu are warning against using it - "
Ubuntu Website Warns Windows 8 Users: Don’t Use WUBI"

You could run Linux as a VM (Virtual Machine) using something like VirtualBox or VMware

It is a while (several years?) since I ran Colinux but i think that runs in Windows

Ah yeah, that's what was confusing me. I remember I had some problems because of WUBI. Thank man, I will try using a VM then

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