You think we don't have problems too?!?! Sure we do. We're just a little more adept at finding the solutions quicker. Sometimes! :D The more you learn, the more you have to teach others too... especially those close to you like friends and family. We all try to teach others about Linux, and it usually falls to us to be the tech support when needed. I have an 84-yr old aunt who has been using Linux for several years now... it just works. And it helps to keep her safer from viruses and malware. :eek::D

Just for curiosity guys, I know that thread is closed.
What if use ISOLINUX for booting?
Rumors says that ISOLINUX is suitable for booting for booting from removable media.
I know that thread is closed.

The Opera ain't over until the fat lady sings, my friend :)

Although the OP has employed his own workaround via Ubuntu, this thread can still be used for both teaching and learning purposes. I have a very busy weekend coming up, but I'll have a look around at what you ask after, and Stan and others may have input.


This guy says that install Arch Linux in an external HDD.

Check it out is worth it.
Wow, he can talk more than me ... 51 minutes :p

I'm going to digest this over the weekend, looks good.

Thanks for sharing, Capta ;)