1. L

    Install Arch Linux without Calamares from A Live Environment!

    Just about all arch linux installers out there use the calamares installer. just wanted to highlight the fact that arch linux can be installed from a live environment without the need of calamares. It can be done with the archinstall script from a live environment and you can even have your...
  2. mquclinux

    kde error, tried ttyl , booted into live usb , reinstalled plasma and now system cant recover.

    I like xfce for its simplicity but my niece prefer kde plasma for its flashiness and customization . doesn't like working on terminal for mounting and unmounting device. i installed the kde+plasma , but later she deleted some files.:rolleyes: Its for learning purpose only, i can redo the...
  3. mquclinux

    Help understanding this error codes while installing arch linux on baremetal.

    Dear Community Members, My 12 year old device dell inspiron n5110 , 500gb HDD, 4 gb ram Core i3 2310m. trying to install arch linux on baremetal, not VM but getting this error. is it time to toss out the HDD or something can be salvaged (personal data) PFA Appreciate the help Regards
  4. L9dson

    Failed to start Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine

    Hello people, I'm just installed my vanilla Arch linux, I was using an Arch distro pre-built ( comes with programs, packages, etc ), the good thing is that I was able to start and enable mssql-server fine, without any problem, but when I did my installation of arch by myself and install all the...
  5. Ezequiel Sousa

    Create authentication logs for linux user accounts

    I need to generate logs for user accounts that access my computer, a log file to record all attempts to log into the account. What is the best way to do this?
  6. B

    Clock cpu limited i7700hq on lenovo y520

    I have a lenovo Y520-15IKBN laptop, with an I7700-HQ cpu, with a base clock of 2.80 Ghz up to 3.80 Ghz in turbo boost mode, I use archlinux, but changing the distro the situation does not change. The CPU never reaches the maximum clock, at maximum 3.6 Ghz, not even in single core, (tested with...
  7. C

    bash-based Archlinux installer: Arc

    I've been working on a bash-based installer for archlinux. I thought I'd post it here for any who may want to try it / perhaps suggest improvements. The intent is for it to be infinitely reconfigurable via a single config file, thus making reinstallation...
  8. M

    I need help with Arch Linux

    I installed Arch Linux in an External HDD, the installation process was successful without and problems. Then it was time to reboot and remove the installation media in order to boot into Arch Linux from the External HDD. I removed the media and let it reboot but it went straight into windows...