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Jan 29, 2019
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Happy new year one & all.

Until recently I have used Hypnotix successfully to watch tv but in the last few days it will not play any of the uk stations & relatively few from around the world, the m3u link listed on the github page is the same as that installed in the player, I don't know if it's meant to auto update itself of if I need to obtain a new m3u link for it but I have know idea where I would get a new link from. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks.

Agreed. relatively few countries connecting

It should update itself automatically via the usual Update manager........the version in software manager is 3.5, which I uninstalled and then reinstalled, with no effect.
Agreed. relatively few countries connecting
Same here, when it does connect it takes its time, the stupid thing is I can't get any UK stations, My thoughts, it may be regional filtering
Oh well at least I know I'm not alone so I won't waste any more time trying to fix it, I can't find any decent m3u links to replace it with so I'll just wait for a fix to come along.
Thanks guys
@gillsman ..... I am reading the new features etc etc from the latest Linux mint 21.3

In amongst it, is an upgrade for Hypnotix.

It would appear thye have done some serious work on it

An upgrade to LM21.3 would tell the story?

I am about to upgrade right now.....I will open a new topic when I have done so, and I will test Hypnotix, publishing my findings there.

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