How to start KDE from an SSH session on Cygwin ?


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Jan 18, 2021
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I have the following use case: working from home, I need to log-in via Citrix Receiver to a WIndows VM. From this VM, I need to log-in to a CentOS 7 server, used as a "bastion" and, from there to another Centos 7 VM which is the final destination. Here, on this target machine I have to impersonate a user, via sudo. I have installed KDE and I would like to use it here but running "startkde" command only displays kind of static splash screen, with the well known KDE look and feel, but not any widget, etc. Or perhaps that they are masked somehow in a hidden region of the screen, I don't know. Could anyone please help me with how to use full KDE as a normal desktop in this quite complication scenario due to security constraints ?
Many thanks in advance.
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