How to i become the superuser ?

In linux operating system ,root is the conventional name of the user who has all the rights or permissions in all mode
The root user can make many things to the file such as
Changing the ownership of the file and root is the only
User account with permisions to modify the root directory.
Super user is also known as root user.
Linux login in Operating system can be done in two commands
•su command
•sudo command
You can see your secondary group membership by either running groups or id command
•$ groups
•$ id
Then type sudo -i command to become the root Then Linux will ask for password then if we enter the password We will gain access to root shell

After becoming the root user we are now able change the owner or group of the file

Let us assume that If someone is working on particular project and he has the complete access and think if after completing the project the user needs to give the project to someone other User then the user need to change the owner to whom he his handing over the project and this can be done only by the root user using chown command ,chown newowner rootshare command
sudo gives you privileges (given you remember your password and your system works properly) to do whatever you want. To BECOME the superuser, you can* create a password for su by pulling up a terminal and typing "sudo passwd root". After hitting enter, it will ask you for your password, then ask you to make a password for su. After that, you can enter "su" on the terminal...and your password...then you can do whatever you want, even destroy your system.

You can also wear a cape while using your computer.

*i said "must" but sudo -i also works, my method will save you a little bit of typing though.