How To Change Your Login Background In Mint Cinnamon 21.1


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Oct 22, 2020
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Ever wanted your Login Background to look like this...

Well it's not hard to do...
Open Folder that contains pictures you want as a Login Background...mine is in Home and leave it open.
Open Home Folder again and select File System > usr > Share > and right click backgrounds folder and select “Open As Root” now drag in your pictures.
Now close time you boot to the Login screen the background will show the picture you selected.

If you've done everything correctly your backgrounds folder should look like this...

You can change the picture anytime you want...hope this helps someone.

To change the Login Background go to > System Settings > Login Window and double click it and enter your password.

This brings up the Login Window...double click the picture top right as seen below..which brings up the backgrounds your picture and click open...close everything and your done.
On another Forum someone asked how to change the Login Background...the answers were not very helpful and the person asking said it didn't work...maybe that person should become a member of this Forum.
It was a fight to get Linux Mint Cinnamon to give me a traditional two-field login window where the user must manually enter both username and password in a single login window. I took a convoluted route to get there, but eventually I learned about LightDM "greeters".

If you enable "Hide the user list" in the Login Window - Users setting, you will get a dialog box to enter the username, then a new dialog box to enter the password. If something goes wrong, it is easy to accidentally enter the password in the username field, which logs the password as a username in log files. That is why I wanted the both username and passwords fields in one dialog box.

The answer is to install the GTK greeter and set it as the default greeter in LightDM. Even though Cinnamon has a configuration file with "gtk" in its name, the GTK greeter is not installed by default.

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