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How do I keep the wallpaper, icons and configuration on a Linux Mint OEM Install?


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Sep 6, 2020
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I'm playing around with Linux Mint's OEM install that I intend on using for laptops to sell and I'm becoming familiar with it, I just have a few questions. First off, I'm new to Linux in general, only started using it last week and it's awesome! I've always used Mac and Windows but I hot damn I never realized how good Ubuntu and Mint are! I intend to make people more aware of Linux in my area since it's perfect for older used laptops for internet browsing, videos, etc.

I know how to do the OEM install, I've been testing this in Virtualbox to become familiar before trying it on a real computer. I use the temporary account to make sure everything's updated, I install Chrome, put it in the dock, (people love Chrome) then put a lovely wallpaper, maybe even a nice theme. Problem is when I put it in OOBE mode, where the new "user" creates their account, it's back to the same default desktop, with the default wallpaper, and the icons are hidden again (like Chrome). How can I make sure that the wallpaper and icons stay when the new user creates their account? I want to give them a new PC experience. Thanks!

Note: Is this also possible with Ubuntu?

G'day @pcwhiz24 and welcome to linux .org :)

I have a few ideas about this, but I have to sign off for my evening in Australia, so I'll be back tomorrow.


Chris Turner
Is there a shortcut on the desktop to prepare for end shipping to user?

Have you clicked it?

Is there a shortcut on the desktop to prepare for end shipping to user?

Have you clicked it?

Yes and when I restart it, it'll run through the setup process but then the wallpaper and icons I set are gone. :(
Bummer - I would have thought that would include a saving function. :confused:

Mate I am currently a little beyond my paygrade with OEM stuff. I could try it and see if it gives me more ideas, but it may take me some days with my other commitments here and at home, which may not suit your timeframe.

Any help from others here would be appreciated.

If you find an answer elsewhere, perhaps you can come back to this Thread and let us know so we can expand our knowledge base/Wiki.

Good luck in the meantime



BTW if I find anything, I'll come back here :)
Will this work in some way for you ?...Import a backup into each new system ??

make a backup of your configs and then import that into your newly installed system. Most of the user configs are in the /home/pcwhiz24/.config folder

I think that makes sense...

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