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Hi :)



Another day, another noob. :) I'm a Windows 7 user and I've messed around a little with Ubuntu on a VM. I'm thinking about switching to some distribution of Linux for my laptop, at least. I want to learn the console commands and all that fun stuff.

The forum looks great and I see there's already lots of helpful articles and posts. I can't wait to dive in :)




Hey there Haliegh. Welcome to the Linux Forum!

I'm a noob too :p i still need to learn how to command line in Linux and i use Windows 7 a lot too. Virtual Machines are great way to learn a lot of things on different OS's.

Hope you have a nice time here!


Hi Haliegh! Nice to meet you and welcome!Shout out from Noobie over here! Spend a bit of time on here and you won't be a noob for long. A lot of users have a lot of info on here.

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