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Hello, LinuxForum!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by serenity1024, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. serenity1024

    serenity1024 Guest

    My name's Serenity. I've been running Linux for 5 years, mostly messing around with programming. My desktop (and my servers) run Slackware Linux. My laptop runs a Linux distribution I've been creating. No need to go into that here ;)

    The programming languages I know are C++, PHP, and brainfuck. BF is an esoteric programming language that uses 8 symbols to do everything. Once again, no need to go into that here ;)

    Recently, I've been working with a lexical parser for the English language. It's confusing the heck out of me, and I've decided to take a short break.

    Anyway, hello, and I'm hoping to have a great time here!

  2. ehansen

    ehansen Guest

    Welcome Serenity! Always nice to see other programmers here. I have a question about your Linux distro if you don't mind...is it based off of LFS, or is it something different (like a remaster flavor of Linux)?
  3. serenity1024

    serenity1024 Guest

    My distribution started out as a project to upgrade Slackware 12.2 to something more up-to-date. I downloaded the source disks, and started grabbing the updated packages if I could find them. I started rebuilding them from source and creating "packages" for the compiled code. Eventually, I reasoned that it would be easier to simply create a system from scratch, and that's what I started doing.

    The project's now turned into a terribly hard to manage clump of software that (somehow) manages to work together peacefully. And with that, I'm happy.

    Thanks for the interest,
  4. ehansen

    ehansen Guest

    If you're building it from scratch following the guides from Linux From Scratch, best of luck to you on that, heh. I had one heck of a time dealing with all of that myself. I love how you have complete control over the system (right down to the kernel), but it's definitely not something to just do every so often...and the compilation process can take forever.

    If you need any help on it feel free to ask.
  5. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    Hey there Serenity!

    Welcome to Linuxforum.com :)

    It's nice to know that you've been a SuperUser of Linux. Do you develop applications for Linux ? Maybe those by Python or C++? Cause i've been practicing programming with Python and i have my friend to play around with it , with me.
  6. Melissa

    Melissa Guest

    Hello and welcome to the forum!!

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