Hello Everyone!



Hi Everyone!

I am new here. I joined linux to know more about it since I have been thinking of switching my OS from windows to linux.

Hope to learn a lot from this forum!

Hey Godric, Welcome to LinuxForum

I'm sure you'll love working with Linux, hope you make your switch soon!

Have a nice time.
Welcome Godric - feel free to jump in with questions or comment on anything or everything. Just out of curiosity, what prompted the urge to bail on Windows? I've got my story, of course, but that's a rant for another day.
Hi Godric! Im new too. Trying to learn the ropes as well since I've grown tired of windows. I've only been here one day but it seems like a great place to learn. ALot of people here have been using linux for year and give good advice. Glad to see you around!
Id like to know why you bailed on windows too! For myself I just found it slow on my Dell. Im a mac user so i needed something fast on my poor netbook that just gets to sit around all day neglected :)