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I like many here left windows years ago. Searched and went with Linux. I have been learning to use it but do find myself frustrated at times. The terminal is one area I have had trouble with. 2 years and still avoid it. Wish at times I had someone to mentor me with it but hard to find someone in my area. My windows years I had lots of help. Having someone looking over my shoulder would be nice at times. Will ask questions in forum and thank you for listening. Should have done this long ago.


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G'day @Will7mm and Welcome to Linux.org

I like your opening post!

Ask anything you like......the crowd here are super friendly.

We can solve just about any problem/inquiry, etc etc

You need info?...we have answers and info to burn !!


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Welcome to the Linux Org forums
We are an un-associated, Independent advice a site for those in need of help with installation problems, those wanting a deeper understanding of Linux and Tech's needing more advanced advice,
We are a voluntary organisation our members are scattered across the four corners of the world and every time zone, so please accept that you may not get a quick answer.

Just a few things to remember
We are an international board so we ask that all post be in English [if you think your English is not very good , fine give it a try or use one of the translator programs [ DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator is recommended]
When asking for help
Please state the make and model number of your machine or its specification [some problems may be equipment specific]
Please tell us which distribution and build number you are having problems with [example Ubuntu 18.1]
Explain what your problem is and what [if anything] you have tried to remedy it yourself

Finally Linux is not Windows, It will require the newcomer to invest a little time and effort going through a learning curve so please don’t give up, kick off your shoes, grab a drink and enjoy the ride.



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Welcome aboard our forum.
"Will ask questions in forum and thank you for listening. Should have done this long ago."

Never to late to learn - ask all you need to know and learn from trying things.
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