Grub Keyboard not registering on some distros


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Aug 14, 2023
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Grub Keyboard not registering
So I am currently using Pop!_os but would like to switch linux distros. One of the reasons I chose this distro is because it is the only one where the boot menu works. On start you are displayed some options to either boot into the operating system or go into the Pop!_os recovery menu. In which I am without issues able to switch between the options displayed using the arrow keys. On other distros such as Ubuntu, Debian, Arch and etc, when I get to the grub boot menu, I am unable to choose what instance I can boot into. Some times it does work but some times it does not. I am on a lenovo legion t530 with the version that has a RT 2070 and a i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90Ghz. How would I be able to resolve this issue? Is this a common issue and are there some others who are experiencing similar issues?

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have you tried different keyboards and different usb ports? there are a couple of answers that suggest (at least for ubuntu), the port may make a difference:


Thanks! Ill try that now. Ill update you soon
The solution did not work, I am still experiencing issues and I am unable to navigate the menu. This was tested on a debian installation bootable flash drive
i'm sorry to hear that didn't help. there are a couple of other suggestions on at least one of those pages. the two that stick out to me are to see if you have a "fast boot" setting or something like that in your bios settings. if so, you could try disabling that to see if it helps:

the other is to see if you have any usb-specific bios settings. if so, you could check to see if there is a "legacy usb support" option or something similar:

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