1. M

    A GRUB Problem

    I use Kali Linux and Windows 11 in separate disks and as Dual Boot. (I installed W11 before Kali) I have a problem when I'm trying to boot kali. I boot up my Linux disk and it takes me to the GRUB console. Everytime I want to enter Kali or my GRUB theme, I have to use the set prefix, set root...
  2. CapybaraLover256

    Grub Keyboard not registering on some distros

    Grub Keyboard not registering So I am currently using Pop!_os but would like to switch linux distros. One of the reasons I chose this distro is because it is the only one where the boot menu works. On start you are displayed some options to either boot into the operating system or go into the...
  3. T

    Windows 10 won't boot from grub bootloader (Fedora 34 dual boot)

    I have 2 partitions on my SSD and I have installed Fedora 34 and windows 10. Everything was working fine, but now when I boot into windows 10 it black screens after Lenovo logo (using a lenovo laptop btw) for a few seconds and shows the grub boot menu again. First time trying out dual boot...
  4. Chris Rachal

    GRUB menu cleanup

    New user here and some of you may now that I ask a thousand questions. Is there an easy way to clean up the GRUB menu. For example i have old kernals that I want to remove. Also, I decide that I love linux mate more than ubuntu. I don't remember what version I have off the top of my head. Thanks...