Game developed with Adobe AIR in steam library, how to run?

Jul 5, 2023
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I am in Linux Mint 21.x Mate, there is a particular game called "Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche"
I wish to run this game (from the steam library with obtaining achievement being a priority), I am familiar with compatibility tools like Proton and Proton-GE, and I've looked around for a way to run this game, has anyone else had success running it on Linux?

I did have success starting the game one time, but I think it was running a version of the game that was not functionally the same as the windows version, i might be completely misunderstanding what happened though.

After I turned on compatibility tools and tried using a few versions of Proton, most didn't start the game at all, but a few showed the window and I believe Proton 8-2 showed the starting graphic before the start menu then the window closed.

If anyone has some advice I would appreciate it, thanks for reading the words here.

Don't hold your breath is the only advice I can give. Still waiting for Distant Worlds Universe to be playable. Uses some weird xbox-pc libary a whopping 6 games ever used.
I'll add it to my wishlist so that I will remember to buy it later today and try to see if it works for me.
I bought the game and I was able to launch it without any issues, and I was able to get to the tutorial and play for a few minutes without any problems. I always install gamemode.
sudo apt install gamemode
systemctl --user enable gamemoded --now
I uses "Proton 7.0-5" (8.0-2 worked as well) and the following launch options.
gamemoderun %command%

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