Fully featured IDE's for Linux? (Debian based)


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Jul 22, 2020
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Hey folks, i recently decided to pick up Linux after basically forgetting about it for for the last several years. I love how far Linux has come in turns of gaming capability using Steams Proton software. However, i still find myself having to jump back over to windows when i want use Microsofts Visual Studio, and other miscellaneous . Is there anything out there that is a great alternative to use over here on Linux? I have looked around Google, but all i can seem to find wehn browsing the annoying "Top 10 lists" etc, is that none of the featured apps are fully fledged IDE's. They're just beefed up code editors. So, if any of you know a great one i can use instead of logging back over to Windows, i would really appreciate it!

I only really code in C#, and i was also delighted to know that Unity (game development) has managed to release a fully up to date engine to use on Linux.

P.S i did try using Visual Studio using Wine, but no look, I assume you need the .Net runtime which freezes when trying to install on Ubuntu.

Thanks for your help :)

I'm not sure about what do you require for a tool to be considered IDE, or if you came across this one (and last time I touched .NET it was 2006), but I'd dare to suggest monodevelop
I’d second monodevelop for C#!
Again, I haven’t used it for a long while, but I managed to open and build some old .NET 2.0 projects I originally built for Windows in 2005ish.

Monodevelop loaded the projects with no problems and they built and ran absolutely perfectly on Linux, with no modifications required!

There are a lot of IDE’s for other languages, but for C#, AFAIK the only free-software IDE is monodevelop. I’m not sure if the Unity engine has a native Linux version of their IDE. If they have - that would probably be the best option if you’re looking to get into game programming with unity and C#.
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