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Hi Folks!

I was so keen to jump in and start helping people when I joined 3 weeks ago that I failed to introduce myself - regrets :)

So here is my "g'day"

I am from Australia, did anything give that away?

I typically run 40 - 70 Linux Distros. When it is at the 40 mark, as now, it just means I have reformatted a hard drive and am repopulating it. They range from four of the Families - Debian, RPM, Gentoo and Arch, and I am just starting to dip my toes into the Puppy pool.

So I have an opinion on everything, hope you don't regret it, lol.

I have a Blog I have started with WordPress, which can be found here

... so maybe you can stop by for a cuppa tea when you are not here. Constructive input welcome.




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I know I've already noticed that you are a great asset to have here... welcome aboard!


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