Font Managers, Anyone?

That's Legend, Jonathan, goodonyer, you're doing fine.

Thanks for your help. mentioned being dissatisfied with two (2) generic font managers...and I have a couple of ideas in mind for Linux Distros that might suit for you to try also. Some 32-bit, some 64, but the 64ers will be lighter in resources than the Ubuntu.

The first package I installed from Synaptic was "font-manager 0.7.3-1.1." The other package was " 0.1-1." Neither one was worthy of my approval. I would like you to share your thoughts on the distros for me to sample. Enjoy your Saturday!



OK, I'll bear that in mind with the Font Managers. Ta (thanks). If I were you, I'd be combining a search for a new Distro with something that the Font Managers will run on seamlessly.

We can answer the questions on Font Managers here, but questions on lightweight Distros are best dealt with in a new thread you could start eg "seeking lightweight Distro, preferably MATE" or use your imagination - I know you have plenty or you wouldn't be using Linux :D.

I'll give you a headstart there, with a little light (weight) reading, and they are



And remember that Wordpress article I linked to in #5 - I know you are a MATE fan (as am I), but Xfce and LXDE also have good things to offer.


I will eventually have to get a good secondhand 64-bit machine. But for now, I'm working on what I have. If we can't beat 'em, join 'em! One step at a time.

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