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  1. D

    trouble with linux

    from last time i remove kde desktop i seen this i don't know what is that,i click it and definitely it not linux mint:)))i sure i'm not install it On my lap it have lightdm and gdm3 i don't know two of them have any relationship with that
  2. G

    After perfect install, display issues at login & other strange issues, 21.1 Mate

    Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll post my issues link from the Mint forums. Really hoping to solve this asap as medical issues are also looming. Basically, everything went perfectly until launching firewall froze things. I didn't bother worrying and took the tower back to the owner where it...
  3. D

    Mint 21 MATE Keeps Crashing

    I've recently noticed when I'm browsing the web, my screen suddenly goes blank and MATE restarts. I tried looking up how to troubleshoot this, but I got vague results. I decided to check the documentation and found a way to send a crash report, and typing in the problem and clicking "pastebin"...
  4. MWE

    Brand New To Linux

    Ok...So I'm a techie. I've owned lots of Mac's and Windows systems but never Linux. The thing that draws me back to wanting Linux every time is all of the bloat that the other two systems put on for the "masses" like Cortana, Siri, Maps, Messaging, Microsoft Bloat, Dell Bloat etc etc etc etc...
  5. nclinuxus

    Font Managers, Anyone?

    I have questions, if that's OK with you: 1. I am using a Toshiba Satellite A205 laptop, 80 GB HDD, running Ubuntu MATE 17.10, 32-bit. I attempted to remove several Noto Family fonts from the system, using two generic font managers (at different times) from the Synaptic repository...