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Dec 12, 2018
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Ok...So I'm a techie. I've owned lots of Mac's and Windows systems but never Linux. The thing that draws me back to wanting Linux every time is all of the bloat that the other two systems put on for the "masses" like Cortana, Siri, Maps, Messaging, Microsoft Bloat, Dell Bloat etc etc etc etc.

I have a 2018 Dell i7 8750 processor, 256 ssd, 32gb ram w/ a 2018 Netgear Nighthawk X6S Router and I HATE bloat. I love to run phones and computers on what I need, not everyone else.

With that being said, I do run a Plex server w/ Dual 8TB external hard drives, a Brother label printer and other basic applications that I have no problems finding a Linux alternative for.

I would like some advise on a lightweight, powerful, fast distro that would run my Plex server, external hard drives, Brother Label Printer. Most info I've seen seems to steer newbies to Mint or Mate.

Thanks in advance!
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Most info I've seen seems to steer newbies to Mint or Mate.
Linux Mint is a distro. Mate is a Desktop Envoronment.

Linux Mint has the non-free codecs, but so does Linux Lite. --- Linux Lite?
Linux Lite is based on Ubuntu so it has connections with Linux Mint and Ubuntu Mate...
I have been trying to put Linux Lite on my Dell computer for hours. Having NO luck at all. I downloaded the ISO file from the Lite site. Then I used Rufus after trying for hours to tinker with etcher, lili USB Creator etc. Then looked up some steps on how to put it on a Dell...restarting, going into Bios (F2) then adding 2nd boot option along side windows...nothing is working!
We should have told you that :oops:

G'day @MWE and welcome to :), and I see you have the Royal Thumbs Up from Brian (@Condobloke ) - he too is glad that you figured that out.

Jerry Bezencon, maker of LL provides a wonderful product, but he has angst against UEFI and swears it will not happen with his Distro.

Good news is that if you choose to add more Linuxes (multibooting), they can be installed under UEFI conditions and you will still have access to your Legacy/CSM-installed Linux Lite.


Chris Turner
Ok..So I tried Lite out for a few hours yesterday and loved it so I went in head first. I installed it...deleted Windows 10 and here are my first impressions.....

1) It is LIGHTER than Windows 10. With Windows 10, I started out w/ 256gb of ssd storage and the operating system and junk only left me with about 150gb. That was unacceptable to me. With Linux Lite, after I installed the OS and all of the programs I need, I still have 220gb of storage left. RAM usage is also much less with Lite but I knew that one coming in. That is awesome!

2) My computer is quieter now. With Windows 10, my fan was always running it seemed like. With Linux Lite so far, it hardly runs at all so it soo much quieter as of now.

3) HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE. Windows and MacOS are only so customizable. Linux is out of this world when it comes to customizing. You can pretty much do anything you want.

4) I have a high resolution 4K laptop screen and Windows handled the scaling great. When I downloaded Lite, the text was so small I couldnt even see it. Seriously hurting my eyes. Then I changed the DPI, changed the fonts sizes and its good now. Just a few things that are small like the initial log in screen when I boot up but no biggee.

5) I was really worried that Linux wouldnt have near the things that I needed, or the little settings I have become used to in Windows bc....well I was thinking "Microsoft if a huge company, Linux is free". Well I was wrong. Linux has had everything I needed and more settings than Windows has ever had. You need to trackpad disabled..done. You want your entire theme changed...done. You want to add some cool icons on your file folders...done.

6) The only issue Ive had so far is my VPN. I use NordVPN and with Mac, Windows, IOS it is just an app that you click on and off. With Linux it doesnt appear to be that way so I havent figured that VPN situation out yet but Im going to work on it.

So far, Im loving Linux on Day 1. Just the Lightness of the OS and the new quietness of my laptop is good enough for me!!
I already saw that earlier. I’m still working on it lol.
Now Im stuck on the Plex Media Server. lol. From looking at the Plex forums, apparently I have to change permissions for Plex to read the files from hard drives? I guess Linux handles permissions a little differently than Windows and Mac?
ive been working all day on 2 things...the damn Plex server and my Brother QL-700 Label Printer. Cant get either of them to work!! All Day I tell you. Frustrating is an understatement. Ive put the VPN situation on the backburner until I get these 2 things figured out.

I have my dual 8TB external HD's hooked up and I can access them but I cant get my Plex server to see the files. Something about permissions. Have no clue.

And the says on the brother site that is linux supported but I think it can sense Im a noob. lol
No offense...but Ive been on this computer since last night trying to figure all this out. Ive seen all of these links and read all the info. Still not getting it. From a person totally new to Linux....some of this stuff is pretty tough. I guess I took it for granted on mac and windows that just downloading programs was so easy bc Im having a hard time with that currently. lol Im learning as I go. But I cant afford to spend too many more full days trying to figure these two issues.

Plex still not working.

I have two label printers and I would settle for just one to work. A Brother QL-700 and Dymo 450
Another link lol. I’ll have to read it another time. I have to get this stuff working soon. I have jobs to print out in the morning.

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