firefox - update manager doesn't work

I seem to remember you are using Linux Mint ....21.1..?

If that is correct, then Updates for Firefox will come out in 'Update Manager'.....there should be a shielf shaped icon down near the clock area......if updates are available there will be a small red dot on that 'shield'

If there are no updates available there will be no red dot

There was a Firefox Update recently.... on the 27th of April.

In Linux, the updates for Firefox are managed by Linux the most recent update there is 112.02 (64bit)
No, he's actually in the 20 series, one of the U's.

and got this error;

That is not actually not an error, the W means Warning.

Did Firefox end up updating and does it work?
This is Linux not windowz...Browsers like Firefox...Brave and Google Chrome that I have are all updated by the Update never need to do it yourself.
@marbles there is another thing you can try.

In your Update Manager, does it show Firefox update as being for 111 or 112?

If 111, click the Refresh button and see if that changes to 112.

If so then try update again.

May I ask, why do you wish to update it ?
forgot to ask - is there a way to update firefox in firefox

Only if you download and install Firefox manually and I remember recalling that you dislike manual actions because it's "too time consuming". Lastly updates(also Firefox updates) are installed through the Package Manage using the Update Manager as @wizardfromoz described.
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Palemoon has a function to download an "update". It supports the user enabling the alert as soon as the update is available, and another option to hold from downloading and installing the update until the user is ready. But that was the "old" Firefox.

It is a sensible request to update a program while using the program, but sadly it cannot be done with Firefox today because usually that is "managed by the administration", as it says in the first page of the settings. In other words, when the "next release" is ready, it will be ready, on Windows or on a Linux OS which supports automatic updates for many other things, not just a web browser.
forgot to ask - is there a way to update firefox in firefox

My Puppy-portables do.....but that's because I build them using the tarballs direct from Mozilla's FTP server. If I'm correct, you don't like that kind of stuff, because it's too awkward..?

Usually, updates for large apps like that are compiled, built & released by a distro's update team from the source code, since in that way they are able to ensure the app works perfectly with their distro.

(The 'Puppy' community isn't big enough to warrant maintaining a full-time 'update team', so we take care of these things "in-house", as it were.)

Mike. ;)
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Palemoon has a function to download an "update".
As far as I remember, Firefox has the same function to update itself while is manually installed from tarball. Mike seems to be doing it this way, so it doesn't look like the function has been discontinued. It's really not that difficult to run Firefox (or any other program) this way and it's more Windows-like. I remember using portable versions of Windows applications and it worked exactly the same way. Nowadays even Windows seem to be to compex for some users. They are so used to Android and iPhone that doing anything more than clicking an icon is considered to difficult, to complicated and not user friendly. It's their choice and I don't have problem with it, but, unfortunately, Linux is not an option for them.
If the Update Manager doesn't work...what's this...

When Firefox update comes up I'll install it too and the same with Brave.
Here they are...

All I have to do is install them...simple.

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